Hindi Tv Serial Ganga Kii Dheej

Ganga Kii Dheej Hindi Tv serials on Sahara one

Ganga Kii Dheej is a show based on a conservative society and gives us the view to change our perspective towards the problems faced by the women. 'Anil V.Kumar', the director of the show gave his best shot on SAHARA ONE. The story revolves around the dominating landlord Dadabhai Thakur of a fictional village called as Kaliganj based in West Bengal. Kabir Bedi's performance as Dadabhai Thakur was really appreciated by critics.

The whole village has to suffer a lot from Dadabhai Thakur and they have to obey his one-sided orders. The growing up of the girls within the restrictions of the various rituals and customs laid down by the self-proclaimed lords of the land is the story. A sweet girl Pakhi residing in Kaliganj is beautifully played by Leena Jhumani. Pakhi is a kind-hearted and strong-willed person whose life changes because of the set rituals that are blindly followed by the community. Pakhi’s village is bound and flanked by mountain and water at all four sides and nobody can escape the village. The rituals and traditions force the girls in the village to live under heavy protection. The girls get their “freedom” only after marriage but the passage to get married is not easy.

They have to undergo a purity test in the name of religion. Every father fears the day when the daughter gets married as that means the girl will have to go through the purity test. It’s a tradition blindly followed as nobody can raise a question to Maha Mai at the risk of being outed from the village. In fact, all this came as a fake tradition because the girls those failed the purity test are sent to an unknown place where they are sold to the other states and the kingpin behind all of this is the landlord and his partner. Eventually, Pakhi also has to face these kind of weird situations and how she tackles these things forms the rest of the story . Mohit Raina as Agantuk and Ashwini Kalsekar as Maha Mai have done full justice to their given respective roles.