Hindi Tv Serial Dharmakshetra

Dharmakshetra Hindi Tv serials on Epic channel

Dharmakshetra was a Hindi, mythological, drama series that was aired on the Epic TV channel. The first episode of the show premiered on 19th November 2014. It would run for nearly an hour from Monday to Friday at 8 pm. Most of us are aware of the story of Mahabharata and the great war of Kurukshetra. However, not much is known about the character's life after the war. The show traced the life of all the heroes and villains of the story, after the war. All the person, good and evil, were confronted in the court of Chitragupta. Each and everyone were given a chance to defend their actions while the others threw allegations against them. In the end, Chitragupta will give his verdict on who he thinks is responsible for the destructive war and accordingly the person will either be sent to hell or heaven.

In every episode, one of the characters would take the centre stage and face the allegations and questions from the others. In the very first episode, Draupadi was summoned for the questioning. Actress Kashmira Irani portrayed the role of Draupadi. Some of the people alleged that it was because of her that the war happened. In reply, Draupadi explained her reasons for acting the way she did. By the end of the show, Chitragupta gave his verdict on Draupadi's deeds. In one of the episodes, the writer of the Mahabharata story, Ved Vyas himself, was also summoned to the court. All the characters quizzed him on why he wrote the story the way he did and also, why he etched almost all the characters with both good and bad qualities.

He too explained his viewpoint and the reasons and inspiration which prompted him to write the story. He also made the characters realize that the story would become a learning curve for all the future generations. This was the first time that the audience got to see the story from the writer's perspective. The show was conceptualized with the aim of informing the audience about the minute details of the story which the people seemed to have forgotten. It also answered some of the interesting and complex questions of the story. Also, the audience got to see the story from each and every character's perspective thus enlightening them. The channel telecasted a total of twenty-six episodes. The show was critically applauded. However, it enjoyed only moderate viewership. The final episode of the show was telecasted on 15th May 2015.