Hindi Tv Serial Chhoti Si Asha

Chhoti Si Asha Hindi Tv serials on Sony entertainment
Chhoti Si Asha is a Hindi family drama television series broadcasted on Sony Entertainment Television every Friday at 9:30 pm., under the direction of the legendary, K. Balachander and produced by B. Kailasam.
Chhoti Si Asha is a story about a little ray of hope and the tiny pleasures that life offers. It is a drama series, associated with so many emotions and sentiments. Sharda (played by Churni Ganguly) and Shekhar live with their three kids. Until later, Shekhar dies after he accidentally falls from a building leaving his family behind. All the hardships of raising her three children is on Sharda's shoulders. As time passes Sharda soon recovers from the pain of her husband’s death and accepts that she is now a widow; only to discover that she needs to undergo a very expensive cardiac surgery that she can not afford. Furthermore, the chances of survival are few. She just recovered from the trauma of the death of her husband and it becomes perceptible that she does not acquire the means or even a perfect physical condition to look after her children. So she is forced to give her children for adoption. Sharda is endowed with a great amount of determination and unswerving optimism. She knows and believes that ther will be a time when her children will finally be reunited and will be together again.
Sharda walks away after giving her three children. Until one day, while she is walking absent-mindedly, she is hit by a car by Gurugena (played by Harsh Chhaya). Later, Gurugena finds out about her heart condition and instantly arranges a surgery for her. Luckily, she survives the operation. Later on, as she knows more about the man who helped her, the more she starts getting attached to him.
During that time, she has still been in touch with some of her old neighbours. She hears something about one of her kids and tries to find him. She finds out that her son has become a popular singer and later, meets him, but does not reveal who she is. Sharda also meets her daughter whohas grown up to be a doctor. At the end of the story, Sharda’s children have found each other, but are still unaware about their mother. She goes away and adopts a boy and starts anew.
The Chhoti Si Asha cast includes Churni Ganguly, Harsh Chhaya, Virendra Singh, Rajendra Gupta, Sandhya Mridul, Anup Soni Richa Kapoor and Madan Bob. The kids that were cast in the series are Disha, Neeraj, Deepika, Shruti and Venkatesh.All the Chhoti Si Asha episodes are immensely popular with the audience till date.