Hindi Tv Serial Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi

Chalti Ka Naam Gadi Hindi Tv serials on Zee tv

"Chalti- ka-naam-gadi" TV serial was based on a unique format where a car was introduced as a character. Romit Raj is a male lead in the serial and Shristi Rode is the main female lead of this serial. These actors are accompanied by Anurag Desai, Harsh Khurana, Amit Behel and Jayashree Soni playing pivotal roles. This daily soap was produced by Deepti Bbhatnagar and sponsored by Maruti Suzuki. The show was on air from 26 October 2015 till 16 February 2016. The timing of the show were 7:30 pm and it was a replacement of the serial "Krishna Kanhiya". So this is the story of serial "Chalti- Ka- Naam- Gadi" and is based on the Ahuja family who lives in Delhi, and since the family is a middle- class family, they have a dream to have their own first family car.

So on the occasion of the 50th birthday of Karan’s father the family gifted him a brand new Maruti Alto 800. From here the actual story of the serial begins. Due to this car, it takes many twist and turns which made it interesting and funny at the same time. The most amazing thing that people like about it, is that the car is also used as a character in the serial and yes we can say that the owning a car by a middle class family is shown in a sarcastic way which made it really very funny and sometimes it really connects to the real life situation which increased its TRP as well. You can find comedy in even the small things of the serial like how Karan is scared of his boss. The show had a good story line and the actors in the show also performed very well during whole show. So per the story line of the show, the audience were able to relate to the show, because of the humorous aspect and the connection between the content of the serial and the daily lives of regular people.