Hindi Tv Serial Chakradhari Ajay Krishna

Chakradhari Ajay Krishna Hindi TV SERIALS on BIG Magic


This is another show under the Big Magic channel, and it was build up after the success of Baal Krishna. This show is also about the untold stories about Krishna but in after his childhood. Krishna’s new like in Mathura is explained, and all the challenges he had faced, and how he solved them with his wise decisions.

Big Magic is trying to amplify the educational properties by showing such shows so that people of all ages might imbibe such properties in their lives. The lead roles of Krishna and Balram are played by BhaveshBalchandani and Harsh Mehta. The show is to air at 6 pm from Monday to Friday.

The story revolves around Krishna having to face the King of Magadh, Jarasandh. Jarasandh is burning is the fire of vengeance for the death of his son-in-law, Kans. Jarasandh vows to erase the whole Yadava race. These short stories allow the show to be capacitive and be a slave to the show.