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After 15-years of working on various murders, robberies and mysteries, the C.I.D. makers have decided to add spice to their show and launched the C.I.D. Chhote Heroes. This is C.I.D.’s (Crime Investigation Department) special crime-fiction television series wherein the team handles cases that involves kids. This is a show where kids play the pivotal roles by being a witness, a victim or by acting as the C.I.D. informers and report any illegal and wrong doings. Basically, the show guarantees an entertaining sequence of C.I.D cops and the kids working together in resolving murder mysteries.

C.I.D. Chhote Heroes was premiered on February 1, 2013 and ended on May 24, 2013, completing a total of 17 episodes. The 1-hour series was telecasted every Friday evening on Sony Entertainment Television India and Sony Entertainment Television Asia under the Fireworks Productions. The series has 2 crossovers with the C.I.D.: Khatre Mein Daya and also the Apharan Nanhi Comedian Ka. The cast includes Shivaji Satam, who played the role of ACP Pradyuman, Aditya Shrivastava, who played as Sr. Inspector Abhijit, and Dayanand Shetty, who acted as Sr. Inspector Daya. The show was directed by B.P.Singh and ' Pradeep Uppoor'.

The launching episode of the show is about the kids who are in search of their missing cat who got lost from the colony. While looking for the cat, one of the kids see a dead body and when he is about to run, he gets abducted. Senior Inspector Daya happens to know Jai, one of the colony members. The kids tell him that Jai usually does graffiti on the walls. The C.I.D team with the help of the kids will later unfold the mystery of this case.

Similar to the concept of the original television series C.I.D, the C.I.D. Chhote Heroes features different crime-based story every week and with the team working together, various Indian child artists will join them in investigating and resolving crime scenarios. However, guest child artists were given short roles only so they would not be exposed or get involved in solving crime cases. The channel only aims to make the children aware that if they happen to see any crimes, they should immediately tell the elderly or call help from the police stations. Fireworks Production got motivated to do a show like this after proving that the original C.I.D. was mostly watched by kids and they continue to be a family-oriented program.


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