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Bachchan Pandey Ki Toli is a comedy show which gets aired on the Dhamaal TV channel. It is a Hindi language series which got broadcasted every weekday from Monday to Friday in the 9:00 to 9:30 PM time slot. The story of the program revolves around a character called Bachchan Pandey. He is the police commissioner in a village which got called Dharam Pura. Troubled by the rampant crimes in the village which do not seem to end, he draws inspiration from the classic Bollywood movie Sholay. He goes on to recruit five criminals who got locked up owing to their misfortune but were all good natured by heart. He asks them to assist him in fighting crime and bring peace back to the village from the horrid state it was in currently.

The lead role of police commissioner Bachchan Pandey has gotten portrayed by the versatile and renowned actor Rakesh Bedi. He has played many memorable roles in various capacities on Indian television. As the show opens, we get introduced to the village of Dharam Pura which had gotten founded by a gentleman called R.K. Murti many years back. He had high hopes for this place and tried to imbibe a high moral and ethical culture in the townsfolk. He envisioned a place which ran on hard work and honesty to lead the residents to prosperity and happiness. He tried his best to ensure that everyone shared this vision and lived by these ideals. But unfortunately, his dream has remained a dream. Crime has slowly swept the town.

All kinds of misdeeds and malpractice are flourishing in the town and goons have an iron grip on the entire place. Even the residents themselves are a part of these misdeeds. Everyone has a role to play in the mechanism of crime in this town. To tackle crime from taking roots like a weed, R.K. Murti even got a police station set up. He tried his best to tackle the crime wave and bring sanity back to the town. But the criminals went a step ahead. They made life miserable for the commissioner who ran the police station. No one person could stay there for long and kept getting transferred to new cities.

Things got so out of hand, even the government forgot about this place and left it to fend for itself. But things changed one day with the arrival of Bachchan Pandey, who is an idealistic police officer. He sought to take some drastic and different steps to make sure that this town survives. He drew inspiration from the movie Sholay and recruits five criminals to assist him. These five men are all good natured people and got turned in by bad strokes of luck.