Hindi Tv Serial Akbar Birbal Remixed

Akbar Birbal Remixed Hindi tv-serials on YouTube Channel

Akbar Birbal Remixed, the name itself describes the complete series. This show was in Hindi which was launched by Rajshri on July 2008 and running till date. This show can also be watched and available in sms, mms, video and audio and also in TV and FM radio. The main character of this series is ‘Akbar Anna’ who is a social worker and Mumbai Don. He is so bold and the only thing he is afraid of in his life is his wife, Naaz. Naaz is good in character with love and domination with demands. The second important role in this series is the right hand of Akbar, who is intelligent and wise the ‘Birbal Bhaiya’.

Birbal is a shooter and he tackles all the problems faced by Akbar in his life in a smart way and he knew languages like Hindi, Bhojpuri and Desi English. The next character in this series is Lodermal in that gang who is not smart as Birbal. He handles the finance of Akbar Anna’s gang and the king of Hafta Vasooli. Moreover, he acts over ambitious in nature, but probably a foolish man. Ganesan is one of the assistant of Akbar, but his thought is all about music and wished to be a singer and not so wise as he needs assistance for himself.