English Tv Show Hit Factory

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No one wants to risk their business by doing uncertain things and in the entertainment business taking risks is like going bankrupt if it fails. That is why no one wants to take a risk in this business. Giving a platform to independent artists is the same as taking risks. There is no security that people are going to like a certain new artist. No one knows if he is good or not, and that is why no one wants to risk their channel's reputation by giving their slot to these new artists.

In 2000 channel VH1 took the risk of doing so. VH1 is a music channel in India. In 2000 they launched a show named Hit Factory. The show was dedicated to giving a platform to some new and independent music artists. The show gave chance to some of the best singers and people in the band who are now renowned singers and musicians.

The show also featured songs from hit movies and hit albums but in the middle of the programs, they featured songs sung by independent artists. This is one of the few Indian tv channels that feature songs in the English language. The channel featured international songs by international artists. They featured songs that were a massive hit among billboards and the songs that had been number one on the official music charts.

It was a two-hour show with songs playing back to back. They mostly focused on millennial viewers. Their songs were dedicated to providing entertainment to the Indian people who are more into the international culture and international art. People who like rock and pop by English artists and want to listen to them. The show featured songs, and with the songs, they even displayed lyrics on the screen. There was a dedicated slot on the screen that featured lyrics of these songs. With the lyrics, the show also provided information about the show, the name of the singer who sang the song and the music label which produced the song etc.