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Hey Duggee is a television series of Britain created by Grant Orchard, and the producer was Studio AKA. In India, the show airs on the channel CBeebies. The show is meant for kids and is not an animated series but a sort of activity. The story or concept of the show revolves around The Squirrel Club which is something like an after school or day centre which is for pre-school children. In this kind of activity centre, the kids take part in all varieties of activities. They have adventures and even get badges when they win something.

In every episode of the show, a new situation is put forward which can be easily solved using a new method. It thus teaches a new skill to them. When the skill is learned, and the solution for the given condition comes out, the Squirrels receive a badge each. The voice of the narrator is that of English entertainer Alexander Armstrong who is also an actor and the presenter of Pointless. There are a certain number of characters like Duggee who is the leader of the Squirrel Club and is voiced by Sander Jones.

Other main characters include Betty voiced by Jasmine Bartholomew, Happy by Duke Davis, Roly by Leo Templer, Tag by Alfie Sanderson, and Norrie by Poppie Boyes. Apart from these main characters, there are many other supporting characters including Enid, Frog, Rabbits, amongst others. Hey Duggee is a British television show which is distributed internationally by BBC Worldwide. Hey Duggee has aired for one season till now but still received a lot of appreciation for the content that it shows. The show is not just one for kids to enjoy but also to learn many new things.

Hey Duggee is typically meant for children from the age of 2 to 5. Each episode is a new learning thing for them and teaching how to do tasks in an easier way. At the end of each episode, all the children hug each other and the Duggee and return to their parents with the badges that they earn doing tasks there. Hey Duggee is more like a learning show than a humorous one like most other animated shows is. It was also nominated for award shows like the Annecy International Film Festival in 2015 for ‘The Rescue Badge’ and also again in the same year for ‘BAFTA: Children’s’ for ‘Series’. However, it only has had about 53 episodes till now.