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Stranger Things English TV SERIALS on NETFLIX

Stranger Things is a popular science fiction horror American television web series. It is created, written and directed by Duffer Brothers. Shawn Levy and Dan Cohen are the co-producers of the series. The series was released on July 15, 2016, on Netflix. Stranger Things is set up in the 1980s thereby adding the charm of the pop culture of that era in it.

Winona Ryder acts as Joyce Byers (the mother of 12-year-old Will Byers). David Harbour plays the role of Jim Hopper, chief of Hawkins Police Department; Fin Wolfhand plays Mike Wheeler, a friend of Will Byers; and Millie Bobby Brown plays Eleven, a girl with psychokinetic powers. Other famous characters include Dustin Henderson (Will's friend), Lucas Sinclair (Will's friend), Nancy Wheeler (Mike's elder sister), Jonathan Byers (Joyce's eldest son and Mike's elder brother), Matthew Modine (the scientist-in-charge at Hawkins Laboratory) and Noah Schnapp as Will Byers. Stranger Things has two successful seasons.

Both the seasons are set up in the city of Indiana in the 1980s. In the first season, a mysterious creature escapes from the US Department of Energy. After playing with his friends, while returning home, young Will Byers encounters the creature and suddenly vanishes. While searching for Will in the woods, his friends Mike, Dustan and Lucas find Eleven. Eleven goes to Mike's house where she stays in her basement, and in the meanwhile, Nancy's friend Barb also vanishes. Barb wakes up in a decaying pool but couldn't escape from there as an invisible creature drags her. Nancy finds the creature and Barb's body in the woods, but she escapes. Meanwhile, Will establishes a way to communicate with Joyce using lights. Nancy and Jonathan discover that the humanoid creature doesn't have a face. With Eleven's help, Mike concludes that Will is trapped in another dimension called the Upside Down resulted due to a space-time tear. Eleven searches for Will and Barb with the help of a sensory deprivation tank created by the kids at their school. She finds slug-like creatures coming out of Barb's mouth and finds Will alive in the Upside Down Castle Byers. Joyce and Hopper get to the Hawkins laboratory. Hopper gives up Eleven's location in exchange for access to the portal. The monster attacks the school. The children hide Eleven in a classroom. The monster's nest is discovered by Joyce and Hopper in the Upside Down 'town library, ' and in the school,

Eleven saves the children and vanishes with the monster. Will is saved, and a month later, everything gets back to normal except Will who suddenly sees a vision of the world as the upside down. T

he second season explores the greater mythology around Will's disappearance. Will suffers from post-traumatic stress. Nancy and Mike are mourning for their friends Barb and Eleven respectively. But Eleven is alive and has a significant role in the season. Hopper continues to hide the series of events from the public. The characters of the show face other horror and supernatural events in the first season.