Bengali Web Series Subharambha

Subharambha  Bengali WEB SERIES on Hoichoi

Subharambha (2021) is a romantic drama directed by Abhijit Chowdhury. The series revolves around a music director, Subhomita. Jasmine Roy, who stars as Subhomita, is the daughter of a music maestro. After her father passes away, she realises all she has ever done was live under his shadow. To prove herself, she starts a career in music. However, constant hurdles are laid down on her path to success. Amidst all these disappointments, Subhomita’s childhood friend Mainak (Satyam Bhattacharya) visits her. Spending time with Mainak, she comes out of her slump and starts creating again. Mainak, who has always been in love with her, proposes but is rejected.

Dejected, he returns to his work as a doctor at some medical camp away from their town. Once Mainak goes away, Subhorealises she needs him and loves him. The story ends with Subhomita and Mainak reconciling. Subhrambha is the sweet love story people hope for in storylines. Satyam Bhattacharya plays the role of the sweet childhood friend who exhibits second lead syndrome despite being the main lead. His secret admiration for Subhomita is worth the wait.