Bengali Tv Show Ke Hobe Banglar Kotipoti

Ke Hobe Banglar Kotipoti English TV SHOWS on Mahuaa

“Ke Hobe Banglar Kotipoti” is a TV reality show that was bradcasted on the channel Mahuaa. The show is the Bengali version of ‘Who will be the next Millionaire’, where people over 18 can participate in the game to win large amounts of money. In ‘Ke Hobe Banglar Kotipoti’ contestants aged over 18 from all over Bengal and Bangladesh can participate in the game.

There are different ‘rounds’ in the game where the host asks the participants questions based on different topics and general knowledge. If they give the correct answer, they get the money allotted for that specific round. After this, the host asks them if they are willing to proceed to the next game or if they are satisfied with the amount they have already received. If they agree to participate, they proceed with the next round, keeping all the money at stake, and if they don’t, they are allowed to leave with the money they won. However, if they agree to proceed with the next round and then fail to answer correctly, they lose the money they have won and are disqualified from the game.