Assamese Tv Serial Duti Monor Jonak

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Even beautiful friendships get spoiled because of the interference of a third character. This story comes with such a theme. Childhood friends share the most beautiful bond. Kasturi and Nidhi are childhood best friends. They grew up together with the same level of bonding. Everything goes smoothly until the arrival of Aryan. Nidhi starts to like Aryan, which turns into something serious. She becomes pretty obsessed with him. But Aryan, on the other hand, has his eyes on Kasthuri. He wishes for her to become his better half. Kasthuri also noticed the intentions of Aryan. And she likes his nature.

When he proposes to her for marriage, she happily agrees to it. This angers Nidhi a lot. She gets hurt by their relationship. Also, she starts to develop enmity towards both of them. She believes that Kasthuri has grabbed her love life. So, to torture them, she marries Aryan's older brother. She starts creating issues in the lives of Kasthuri and Aryan. She tries all means to destroy Kasthuri's marriage. Not only that, she works to break Aryan's family and set them apart. Will Kasthuri secure her marriage to Nidhi? Well, that becomes the storyline here.