Assamese Tv Serial Auxir Jonak

Auxir Jonak Assamese TV SERIALS on Rang TV

“Auxir Jonak” is an Assamese drama serial that was telecasted on Rang TV and focuses on a young man named Barnabh and his girlfriend named Shruti. Barnabh is portrayed as a young orphan who is brought up by his grandparents. He is a determined and ambitious person who has dreams to travel abroad and settle down in U.S.A with his girlfriend and their own business of fashion designing. However, his plans are ruined as his grandfather requests him to take over the family business and arranges his wedding with a woman who is more traditional and culturally inclined. He plots to break free from the marriage but his plans fail and he ends up marrying the girl chosen by his grandfather. He still doesn’t give up on his dreams and plots again to break free of the chains of marriage. On the wake of selling the ancestral property, Barnabh decides to move abroad once and for all with his long-time girlfriend Shruti and start the business there. But, everything is not what it meets the eye and while executing his plan he discovers several dark secrets about his parents’ death. As he confronts the past and his early childhood, his take on life changes for the better.