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Vidiyum Munn Teasers, Trailers, Video & Songs

"Vidiyum Munn” is a Tamil thriller released in November 2013. Directed by Balaji Kumar, this film stars PoojaUmashankar, MalavikaManikuttan, and Vinod Kishan. Made on a very critical subject, it is a gripping tale which will engage the audience till the very end. Though, it did not do well at the box office but still, it was much appreciated by the critics.

In this film, Rekha (played by Pooja), a prostitute tries to save a 12-year old girl from being forced into prostitution. Also, this story is about four men chasing two different women on the same day for different reasons. Superbly acted and beautifully scripted, it is a must watch for all the sections of the society simply because everyone needs to be aware of the grim reality.

The movie is based on a very critical social issue prevailing in the society. The issue of pedophiles is one of the worst in India, and it needs to be eliminated from the root. That’s why this film is an excellent take on this evil practice and sends out a strong message. More number of films should be made on these kinds of topics because it is one medium which is followed by the majority of the population in our country.