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The Sacrament Teasers, Trailers, Video & Songs

The Sacrament is a horror feature which employs the found footage genre of film recording. Ti West, well-known for his horror films, is the director and writer of ‘The Sacrament.’ The story focuses on a religious cult based in the middle of nowhere. In the surface the people are friendly but beneath all the mumbo-jumbo there is a more sinister plot.

The trailer gives an introduction to the major storyline and as the main leads are reporters in the film it explains the purpose of the found footage method of shooting. The start of the trailer is decent with some tasteful shots, but as the movie progresses into the central section of the story, it becomes confusing. The cinematography is unsatisfactory, and the camera angles fail to build suspense.

The music track though eerie and haunting lack harmony with the video and fail to deliver the bone-tingling chill as promised. The performance of the actors was mundane and uninspiring and thus barely influenced our emotions. The characters lack depth and complexity to their personality and are unsuccessful in gaining our sympathy. The movie reviews are average at best. The concept of digging into the workings of a cult are intriguing, but the premise falls short of its expectations.