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Rajugari Kodipulao is a Telugu mystery and thriller film released in 2023. Shiva Kona is the film s director and writer. The film s producers are Anil Moduga an

Rajugari Kodipulao Movie Review

Rajugari Kodipulao  Movie Review Telugu Movie Review
Written by Sandeep Semwal
Review for the film " Rajugari Kodipulao"
Runtime: 2 hours 24 minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 04-08-2023
Genre: Drama
2.25 / 5.0



Rajugari Kodipulao is a Telugu mystery and thriller film released in 2023. Shiva Kona is the film’s director and writer. The film’s producers are Anil Moduga Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Anil Moduga and Shiva Kona. The music is composed by Pravin Mani He is a Music composer as well as a singer in the >> Read More... Pravin Mani , and the cinematography is by Pavan Guntuku. The editing is by Basava and Shiva Kona. The film’s production companies are Anil Moduga Films, Kona Cinema.

Shiva Kona, Neha Deshpande, Abhilash Bandari, P. Prabhakar, Kunal Kaushik Kunal Kaushik is an actor in the Indian film indus >> Read More... Kunal Kaushik , Ramya Dinesh, Prachi Thaker Prachi Thaker is a well known actress, model and f >> Read More... Prachi Thaker , Sri Sudha Bhimireddy, and Jabardasth Naveen are the cast.


The film starts with Rajugaru’s popular hotel named Raju Gari Kodi Pulao. This hotel is very famous for its special dish, Kodipulao. But despite this success, Raju is unhappy because of the absence of a son and issues with his wife. Then we are introduced to three couples- Badri (Kunal Kaushik), Aakanksha (Neha Deshpande), Farooq( Abhilash Bhandari), Eesha( Ramya Dinesh), Danny ( Shiva Kona), Candy(Prachi Thaker). All of them plan a trip to a dense forest.

Aakanksha’s daughter warns her of this trip because she had a horrific dream about this. Despite this warning, they start their journey to the mysterious forest. Soon, things turn worse for all three couples. They start experiencing horrific and unexpected incidents that frighten them. Candy dies suddenly in this forest. The remaining people are trapped in this horrible journey.

What is the mystery behind this forest? Who is killing in this forest? Will the remaining people successfully return back to their homes? Why has Aakanksha’s daughter already predicted this horrific incident? What is the connection of Raju Gari Kodi Pulao with this film?

Star Performance

Prabhakar, who played the role of Raj Guru, delivered a fantastic performance. Though his role was short, he tried his best to make the film interesting. His performance is very impressive.

Shiva Kona, who played the role of Danny, proves that he can be an asset to the Telugu film industry. His dialogue delivery and expressions filled with humor elements are impressive. Besides being the main actor, he is also the director of this film. He successfully plays this dual role. Prachi Thaker, who played the role of Candy, gave a remarkable climax act. She looks beautiful on the screen.

Kunal Kaushik and Neha Deshpande perfectly executed their part as a couple in a troubled relationship. Their performance is very realistic. Kunal shows his decency and attitude. Neha Deshpande impresses the viewers with her expressions. Ramya Dinesh and Abhilash Bhandari gave outstanding performances. They look decent on the screen.

Among all the cast, Shiva Kona gave the best performance. He steals the whole film.


The film addresses the issue of extramarital affairs and how this issue adversely affects the members of the family. The first half is all about the introduction of the three couples, with all things running smoothly. The scenes in the first half entertain the audience through comedy. But soon, this peaceful and happy atmosphere is transformed into tension, fear, and suspense as the three couples enter the mysterious forest. This keeps the audience engaged from the beginning till the end. Moreover, the sudden death of a character further enhances the suspense and twists in the second half. 

The flashback scene is another strength of this film. The cinematography and music further enrich the thrilling experience. The horrific incidents in the mysterious forest are beautifully captured. However, the second half of the film appears to be stretching. It could be better to improve the overall experience.

What’s There?

• Suspense with various twists and turns in the second half.

• Comedic scenes make the film entertaining.

• Romance elements.

• It highlights the issue of extramarital affairs.

• Thrilling cinematography.

• Mind-blowing music.

• Good narration and screenplay.

• Fantastic performance by Shiva Kona.

• Thrilling forest scenes in the second half.

What’s Not There?

• The second half is stretching.

• Weak twists in some scenes.

• Some of the actors gave below-average performances in the second half.

• Minor flaws.


Overall, Rajugari Kodipulao is an impressive and nail-biting film. It will make you laugh initially but soon create a thrilling atmosphere filled with tension, fear, and suspense. It is a one-time watch film. It will keep you on tenterhooks from the beginning till the end.