The movie Rahadari is a Tamil movie dubbed into Telugu nbsp One has to read the review below to know how the movie has fared among the audiences nbsp Plot

Rahadari Movie Review

Rahadari Movie Review Telugu Movie Review
Review for the film " Rahadari"
Runtime: 1 Hour 58 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 27-05-2016
Genre: Thriller
2.25 / 5.0

The movie Rahadari is a Tamil movie dubbed into Telugu.  One has to read the review below to know how the movie has fared among the audiences. 


The plot revolves around the two characters played by Abhishek and Shwetha .  Both of them decide to escape from the clutches of their parents and marry without the knowledge of their parents.  Both of them flee their homes and travel to Hyderabad.  As the couple travel to Hyderabad, another character enters the story.  The character is that of a man who wants a lift. Without knowing the consequences, the couple gives lift to him.  The story takes a turn for the worst as both Abhishek and Shwetha find out that the man has escaped from a rehabilitation center and is also a murderer.  The rest of the story unfolds the identity of the serial killer, and also reveals his history. Also, the story reveals why he is targeting the two of them. 


The cinematography is of top quality. Every scene unfolds beautifully with the camera work done by Kishore Mani. The music composition by Rahul Raj is commendable. The movie’s editing is average. But, the editing could have been crisper, particularly during the second half of the movie. The movie’s story is a plus point to the movie. But the way the story has been implemented is not effective. The first half of the movie binds the audiences to their seats, and the second half of the movie does not stick to the expectations.

Star Performances:

Ravi Zacharias has done the role of the serial killer in the movie.  His performance is hugely commendable.  In most of the scenes, he happens to be the cynosure of all the eyes.  The lead characters have been done by Abhishek and Shwetha and they have given what is expected out of them. 

What is there?

  • The way the story goes ahead in the first half is interesting.
  • All the actors in the movie have done a commendable job. 
  • The choice of locations is also commendable.

What is not there?

  • There is lack of proper execution of the screenplay. 
  • The moments which should have been thrilling do not give the desired effect. 
  • The movie’s story is stereotyped, and there is nothing novel about the screenplay.


The movie is just about average and could be viewed once.