Nani rsquo s movie has a lot of expectations as there is good fan following of him in the Telugu film industry As Gentleman rsquo strailer have already been la

Gentleman Movie Review

Gentleman Movie Review Telugu Movie Review
Review for the film " Gentleman"
Runtime: 2 Hours 24 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 17-06-2016
Genre: Action, Drama
3 / 5.0

Nani’s movie has a lot of expectations as there is good fan following of him in the Telugu film industry. As Gentleman’strailer have already been launched, it got tremendous response which is experimental movie captioned as Hero or villain???

Plot Aishwarya played by Surabhi is the daughter of a wealthy person and Catherine, who works as an artist loves a street- smart boy Gautham. Both Catherine and Aishwarya meet in the flight during the journey to Hyderabad. Both decide to talk about their love life, and Catherine gets to know that Surabhi is going to marry Jai, who is a successful entrepreneur. Surabhi tells Catherine about her relationship and how she gets engaged with Jai and tells her about the romantic trip. After landing to Hyderabad, Catherine gets shocked as Jai to whom Surabhi is going to marry look alike Gautham.

After learning about Gautham’s death in an accident, as in investigation initially, Catherine's uncle is suspected, who is hospitalized due to the overdose of narcotics. Katherine knows Jai and Gautham both is the same guy, now this is the real twist, how can he love two women at the same time? What is the twist?

Analysis Mohan Krishna has made a thriller movie which begins with romance thread and then turns to the thriller with twist and turns. The audience will be confused as Nani is either hero or villain. Nani has proven time again that he is one of the outstanding actors. He has done justice with both the characters. The movie includes Surabhi and Niveda Thomas as the cast. The movies location includes few United States cities also. It was launched in overseas also in Africa, Germany and Mauritius.

Star performance Nani has displayed his talent of acting once again. He shows two marked difference between two shades of entrepreneur and a street-smart guy. He has shown how he can surely play any of the roles easily. He is brilliant in the film. Tamil actress Niveda Thomas, got the meaty role and convincing in her role also, but Surbhi is okay in her role. Shrinivas Rao is forceless in his role and Vennela is funny at some points.

What’s there?

• Nani’s action is the full package to the viewers.

• Pre-climax twist is the treat for the audiences.

• The screenplay is also a factor for the positive aspect of the film.

What’s not there?

• Lack of humor makes the movie less appealing.

• The story is a little bit moving in the slow pace.

• Old routine story line up makes it a little bit repetitive.

Verdict If you watch the movie, it is full to romantic with thriller package it is an entertaining treat for the viewers.