Vinnai Thaandi Vandha Angel is the romantic action entertainer which has fantasy elements The film is scripted and directed by Baahubali K Palani Sindhurapuv

Vinnai Thaandi Vandha Angel Movie Review

Vinnai Thaandi Vandha Angel Movie Review Tamil Movie Review
Review for the film " Vinnai Thaandi Vandha Angel"
Runtime: 2 Hours 14 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 05-01-2017
Genre: Romance, Drama
3 / 5.0

Vinnai Thaandi Vandha Angel is the romantic action entertainer, which has fantasy elements. The film is scripted and directed by Baahubali K Palani. Sindhurapuvvu Krishna Reddy produced the film. Bheems Ceciroleo composed the songs and the background score. Lyrics are penned by “ Snehan.” Gunasekaran cranked the camera and “Chotta K Prasad” is the editor. The film has the star cast of Naga Anvesh, Heeba Patel, “ Saptagiri,” Pradeep Rawat, " Suman", Sayaji Shinde and Kabir Duhan Singh. This is the dubbed version of the Telugu film, “Angel.”


Nag Anvesh is a smuggler and was given a task of smuggling an idol, which was found during the excavation work. He successfully grabs the idol and plans to export it to some foreign country. While he takes it in an ambulance, the idol turns out to a beautiful girl. Nag falls in love with the girl, who says that she is from heaven and had been in the form of an idol. The heavenly girl not only loves the hero but she wants to stay on the earth. But, her father wants her to return to their world quickly. He sends some messenger from heaven to take her. What will the girl decide? Will she decide to move with the messenger or escape from him and stay with Nag Anvesh?  Watch it in the theaters.

Star Performance

Both the lead stars have done a great job. They had played excellently well in expressing love and sentiments. Kabir Duhan Singh played the villain and his performance is also good. Pradeep Rawat and Sayaji Shinde had done a decent job.


This is the debut film of Palani, the former assistant of Rajamouli. The way of his narration and the execution are good. Although the director has tried to give a message in this film, the heroine part was not elaborated well.

What’s There?

  • Action and Dance choreography directors should be appreciated
  • Comedy portion goes well
  • The way Heeba transforms is neatly shown
  • VFX works and the camera works are neat and good

What’s Not There?

  • Romantic track might have been planned better
  • Music could have been better
  • Pre-climax doesn’t impress


Vinnai Thaandi Vandha Angel is a decent entertainer that suits all class audiences. Without deviating from the script, Palani has given a romantic film with the fantasy elements. Vinnai Thaandi Vandha Angel … could be watched once!