Radiopetti by debutant director Hari Vishwanath is a Tamil movie of an old man who is still in sync with the world because of his radio It released in 2015

Radiopetti Movie Review

Radiopetti Movie Review Tamil Movie Review
Review for the film " Radiopetti"
Runtime: 1 Hour 23 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 2015
Genre: Drama
4 / 5.0



Radiopetti, by debutant director, Hari Vishwanath, is a Tamil movie of an old man who is still in sync with the world because of his radio. It released in 2015 and had won many acclaimed awards.


Radiopettti is all about the relationship of Arunachalam, 70-year-old man and his radio (that his father gifted him). He loves his radio dearly, so much so that the box playing music becomes his companion and confidante. The radio keeps him connected to the world yet secluded, and reminiscing the olden days. The old man has a loving wife and an indifferent son, and what follows next is the beauty of this film. What would he choose, his family? Or his radio?


Hari Vishwanath, a debutant director has created what is called a masterpiece. The story is partially true and partially fictional. The director wanted to celebrate his own grandfather, as his grandfather also had a radio who was his dear friend. The 83-minute long feature film is heartfelt and beautiful. The entire movie showcases what he choose to sacrifice and how he deals with it. The entire crew of Radiopetti has done an exemplary job justifying the number of global recognition it gained.

Star Performances

Lakshmanan Koratur plays the lead role of Arunachalam accompanied by his on-screen wife Shobana Mohan and his son Ramanujan Tvv. They are a tightly knit family with fights and disagreements like any middle class family. While Arunachalam is engrossed in listening to the radio his wife is both a dutiful wife and loving mother. She tries to bring the father-son duo closer, Ramanujan is indifferent and has a different perspective altogether which highlights the generation gap between them. Every character is brilliantly written and executed.

What’s there?

Radiopetti is a beautiful story. It’s simple yet different and hits you straight on your heart. It offers you outstanding performances and direction. The background score is good.

What’s not there?

There is almost no negative aspect to the movie, it’s practically perfect!


Radiopetti offers you a different experience altogether; you relate the film on a very intimate level altogether. You feel all the emotions the characters feel. It’s a definite must watch