Asurakulam is an Action film directed by Vignesh Menon who is a great director Saravanan Ganesan amp Vembaiyan Velayutham are the producers The movie has

Asurakulam Movie Review

Asurakulam Movie Review Tamil Movie Review
Review for the film " Asurakulam"
Runtime: 2 Hours
Certificate: U
Released: 06-05-2016
3 / 5.0



Asurakulam is an Action film, directed by Vignesh Menon, who is a great director. Saravanan Ganesan & Vembaiyan Velayutham are the producers. The movie has a brand new and an innovative pattern, this is something which will fascinate the audience, apart from the concept, the reality of the areas in Chennai is getting unfolded.

Plot: Shabarish is the main character of this film. The movie shows a drug addict and the struggles of overcoming his addiction. He faces a lot of problems, while he is trying to get over his addiction; all these uncertainties are shown in a very dark & a depressing way. Various kinds of emotions are shown in this film, passion, friendship, revenge, desperation, and motherhood. It is a mix of these emotions which prevail like turbulence in the pitch black areas of Chennai, and all of it is synchronized in a perfect way.

“Asurakulam” is a reality based story; it is an inspiring movie showcasing the cause of the deviation of today’s generation. It is about letting the demon inside & outside overpower the central character Shakti.

Analysis: The story line of this film seems to be new; Vignesh Menon has framed the story in a relatable way. The Cinematography is done by Anand Jeeva and Kagan S.Palani. The most noticeable & appreciable thing in this movie is the music given by C. Sathya. There are seven soundtracks. The typical theme song is trying to depict the story, which fits in well, as some Genres is present.

Star Performances: Shabarish started his Career in the film industry with “Markandeyan”. His father “ Fefsi Vijayan” who is a well- known stunt director has a crucial role to play in his introduction to this industry. Shabarish has played lead roles in all the films he has done, because of his marvelous acting skills, which do need a little bit of polishing.

Vidya Pradeep is playing the lead role as an actress in this film; she is a Research Scientist, who is also simultaneously doing her Ph.D. & is also working in the profession she has selected, but she did manage to create an identity in the film industry. Acting is her passion, and that is why she could do justice to her role. Thambi Ramaiah, a director and an actor by profession has done many films, so his acting has to be flawless.

What’s there?

1. Contemporary Writing style.

2. Extravagant & pleasant music.

3. The Introduction of the situations that prevails in Chennai.

4. Realism is portrayed well.

What’s not there?

1. This movie can come off as depressing to some people.

2. The drama can cover the meaningful message that it is trying to deliver.

3. A Violent movie.

Verdict: If action seems to interest you, then do make your move on this movie.