Mookajjiya Kanasugalu is a Jnanapith award-winning novel penned by K Shivaram Karanth The story is adapted and directed by P Seshadri quot B Jayashree quot

Mookajjiya Kanasugalu Movie Review

Mookajjiya Kanasugalu Movie Review Kannada Movie Review
Review for the film " Mookajjiya Kanasugalu"
Runtime: 2 Hours 13 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 29-11-2019
Genre: Drama
3.5 / 5.0



  • Cinematographer:
  • GS Bhaskar
  • Editor:
  • BS Kemparaju
  • Supporting Actor:
  • Prabhudeva
  • Supporting Actress:
  • Pragati Prabhu
  • Kavya Shah
  • Others:
  • Arvind Kuplikar
  • B Jayashree
  • Music Composer:
  • Praveen Godkhindi

Mookajjiya Kanasugalu is a Jnanapith award-winning novel penned by K Shivaram Karanth. The story is adapted and directed by P Seshadri. " B Jayashree B. Jayashree is a Kannada actress, singer, and a d >> Read More... ," Kavya Shah, Arvind Kuplikar and Nandini Vittal are in the cast.


Mookajjiya lives in coastal Karnataka and she is an 85-year-old lady. Hers is child marriage and within a couple of days of her marriage, the boy dies and Mookajjiya lives as a widow. She is living in her maternal house with her grand nephew's family. Subbaraya is her grandnephew and he finds out that Mookajjiya has extrasensory perception power. One day when he brings a basket for her to store her betel nuts, Mookajjiya touches it and she started reading the history of the basket. She starts narrating it to Subbaraya. Watch the movie to know the rest.

Star Performance

Jayashree had done complete justice to her role. Arvind Kuplikar, Prabhudeva, Pragati Prabhu, Kavya Shah and others had done their parts well.


The novel had been adapted as the film, perfectly and Jayashree is the right choice for Mookajjiya. Her expressions, body language and dialogue delivery are fantastic. All the stars fit in the roles well and had given commendable performances. Although the movie didn't have any commercial elements, it touches the soul with the perfect narration. Thanks to Sheshadri for a wonderful narration. The music composition by Praveen Godkhindi is excellent and cinematography by GS Bhaskar and editing by BS Kemparaju are also good.

What's There?

  • Perfect narration and screenplay
  • Excellent performance of the stars

What's Not There?

  • Nothing big as a negative point


If you watch performance-oriented movies with soulful script and narration, then this is a perfect choice.