Skater Girl is a sports movie scripted and directed by Manjari Makijany. Vinati Makijany co-scripted the film. Manjari Makijany, Vinati Makijany and Emmanuel Pa

Skater Girl Movie Review

Skater Girl Movie Review Hindi Movie Review
By nettv4u.com
Review for the film " Skater Girl"
Streaming On: Netflix
Runtime: 1 Hour 46 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 11-06-2021
Genre: Sports
4 / 5.0



Skater Girl is a sports movie scripted and directed by Manjari Makijany Manjari Makijany is an Indian director and writer >> Read More... Manjari Makijany . Vinati Makijany Vinati Makijany is a multitalented personality. Sh >> Read More... Vinati Makijany co-scripted the film. Manjari Makijany, Vinati Makijany and Emmanuel Pappas Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Emmanuel Pappas produced the film. Rachel Sanchita Gupta, Shafin Patel Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Shafin Patel , Amrit Maghera Amrit Maghera was born on March, 1983 is a promine >> Read More... Amrit Maghera , Jonathan Readwin, and Waheeda Rehman She took birth in a Tamil Urdu speaking Muslim fam >> Read More... Waheeda Rehman are in the main cast. Shafin Patel, Anurag Arora Anurag Arora is an Indian Television and film acto >> Read More... Anurag Arora , Jonathan Readwin, Swati Das Swati Das is an Indian-Actress. She primarily work >> Read More... Swati Das , Ankit Rao Ankit Rao is an actor of Indian TV shows. He is or >> Read More... Ankit Rao , Ambrish Saxena Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Ambrish Saxena , Vivek Yadav Vivek Yadav, one of the most aspiring and budding >> Read More... Vivek Yadav , Sohan Suhalka Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Sohan Suhalka , and Sahidur Rahaman are in the supporting roles. Salim–Sulaiman composed the music. The film was released on 11th June 2021 on Netflix.


Jessica is a London-bred girl whose father is an Indian. She comes to Rajasthan to learn about her father’s childhood. Jessica visits a village in Rajasthan, where she comes in touch with Prerna, her brother Ankush and few other kids. Jessica and her friend teach the kids to skate, and seeing their interest, Jessica plans to establish the biggest skate park in India. But, she didn’t get support from the biggies. Finally, she meets a Maharani in Rajasthan. She is the only one who hears Jessica’s ambition to set a skate park. Impressed by her tendency, the Maharani decides to give land for the skate park. With the help of her friends, Jessica builds the park, and with the proper trainers, she teaches the children to skate. Prerna’s father is against this when Prerna gets injured and tells Jessica not to call his children hereafter. However, Prerna’s mother permits her to practice seeing her daughter’s interest. Prerna’s father fixes the marriage date for Prerna on the day of the grand display of the show to the Maharani and the villagers. What will Prerna do? Will she make her tutors and parents proud? The rest of the film shows that.

Star Performance

Amy Maghera, who played Jessica, lived in the role. Her emotional performance is fantastic. Waheeda Rehman did a good job as ever. Rachel Sanchita Gupta as Prerna excelled in her role, and her expressions are neat.


 The film focuses on Skateboarding and the talent in the kids. The makers built a skate park in Rajasthan for the film, and this is India’s largest skate park and Rajasthan’s first skate park. Though the story is simple, it is beautifully spun with a non-boring screenplay. The stars are well-picked, and they didn’t act but lived in the characters. Although Waheeda’s role is small in the film, it gives the biggest turn in the story. The music and cinematography are impressive.

What’s There?

  • The neat script, screenplay, and execution
  • The performance of the stars are good

What’s Not There?

  • Nothing seems to be negative


Skater Girl is a wonderful film that gives confidence to aspiring sportspeople. Not only for the performance, story, and direction, the film is a must-watch for seeding confidence!