Review Chase is a good half attempt at creating a thriller which fails primarily because everything in the plot is a clich eacute and the acting is appalling

Chase Movie Review

Chase Movie Review Hindi
Review for the film " Chase"
Runtime: 1 Hour 43 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 30-04-2010
Genre: Action
2.4 / 5.0

Review: Chase is a good half attempt at creating a thriller, which fails primarily because everything in the plot is a cliché and the acting is appalling. It relies on the age-old Bollywood traditional story of an innocent man Sohail ( Anuj Saxena Anuj Saxena is a famous businessman, Bollywood act >> Read More... ), and is an exaggerated story of him, defeating the corrupt system and establishing his innocence. Sohail is accused of being a terrorist and is on the run and DIG Ranveer ( Rajesh Khattar Rajesh Khattar is a prominent Indian Artist. He is >> Read More... ) takes a particular interest in the murder case in which Sohail is involved. Nupur ( Udita Goswami Udita Goswami is an Indian actress born on 9th Feb >> Read More... ) plays the role of the usually dedicated Bollywood girlfriend and goes to dangerous extremes to establish his innocence.

Other important characters in the movie include Surabhee ( Tarina Patel A model, film producer and actress, Tarina Patel i >> Read More... ) who plays the part of an undercover agent who uses seduction to trap Sohail and Mr. Khanna (Aditya Roy Kapoor), who is the quintessential powerful industrialist who tries to bend the system using his money and influence. The movie gets very muddy because it tries to incorporate a lot of social issues like Terrorism, Corruption in the police force, Nationalism, Romance and it fails miserably in doing justice to either of the themes.

The director has tried to sell the same story and package it differently by adding a few average wannabe erotic scenes every here and there, but even they can’t prevent the deterioration of the movie as it progresses. Although the only redeeming feature of the film are the chase sequences, which are well shot and bring some life and excitement into the otherwise mundane plot. The movie starts with one such sequence thereby raising the expectations of the viewers, which it fails to live up to later. The music of the movie is not very hummable and average.

Verdict: On the whole, Chase is one of the Leave-Your-Brains-At-Home movies with mediocre writing, direction and acting.