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Blue Movie Review

Blue Movie Review Hindi
Review for the film " Blue"
Runtime: 1 Hour 59 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 16-10-2009
Genre: Action
1 / 5.0

This movie is directed by Anthony D’Souza. With the lead cast Akshay Kumar, Sanjay Dutt, Lara Dutta, Sayed Khan, Katrina Kaif.


This story is of underwater treasure. Aarav, who owns a well-reputed fishing company and Sanjay, works in that company as a diver. Sanjay loves Mona and he decided to propose her soon. But Sanjay was going through some financial difficulties and to help him, Aarav advises Sanjay to recover the lost treasure from the ship that was sunk in the ocean long back called as Lady of Blue. But Sagar refuses has he some reasons that he didn’t want to reveal.

Sagar had one younger brother named Sam who was in Bangkok; he fell in love with a girl named Nikki who worked under a gangster named Gulshan. Sam was a bike racer. Gulshan asks Sam to work for him but Sam refuses unless there is a huge amount of money. The work that Sam was supposed to do was of $50,000. But he fails to deliver the package that costs the gangster of $50,000. So either he has to pay that money or have to die.

Sam informs Nikki that he is going on a holiday to the Bahamas to meet Sagar and Aarav, and Gulshan wouldn't be able to find him there. As he reaches there, he gets a call, Gulshan informs him that he had killed Nikki, and he will soon be coming to get him. After few days, Sam was attacked by a bunch of people and Aarav saved him from them. Sam tells everything to Aarav about what happened in Bangkok.

And together they tell everything to Sagar, and Aarav tells them the only way to pay back Gulshan is that treasure, but he still refuses. Next day, Gulshan planted a bomb at Sagar's place and kidnaped Mona against a ransom of $50,000. Seeing all this, they decide to recover the treasure. When they return to the ship after getting treasure what they find is Gulshan on that boat. There the whole thing reveals that Gulshan hired Aarav for this.

Sam, Sagar, and Mona leave the ship giving them the treasure and Aarav jumps of the boat. After two months, Sagar gets a call of Aarav, and he told him that his grandfather was captain of that ship, and to gain his family's honor he had to do all this. While on the call, Nikki also talks to Sam asking him to forgive her, Sam says a yes or no that wasn't revealed. Nikki was Aarav’s wife who helped Aarav to get the treasure.


This movie was not liked by the audiences. The cinematography of the film was also weak. On the contrary, the songs were loved by the audiences. In the start, the movie received a huge response, as the days went it decreased its position. The director is planning on for a sequel of this movie named AASMAN. Akshay Kumar's acting proved to be the best in the film. It was the most expensive films in Bollywood of around budget of 100 crores. But it didn’t make profits much.


As every movie, Akshay’s performance is tremendous. Lara Dutta also was good for her role. Sanjay Dutt disappointed a little but on a whole was good. Sayed Khan was better in this film than the previous ones. Katrina was hot and sizzling as always.


1) Cinema’s highest budget movie.

2) Overview of the Bahamas is shown in the movie.

3) A so good bunch of stars of the Bollywood.

4) Guest appearance of Kylie Minogue was a booster for the film.


1) the biggest drawback of this film was non-versatile script, for which the movie failed.

2) The synchronization and chemistry between the characters.

3) The capital was not spent in a proper way.


This movie was easy to predict, way too predictable. Waste of money.