Fantasy Island is a horror thriller directed by Jeff Wadlow. Lucy Hale, Maggie Q, Portia Doubleday, Charlotte Mckinney, Michael Rooker, Michael Pena, Kim Coates

Fantasy Island Movie Review

Fantasy Island Movie Review English Movie Review
Review for the film " Fantasy Island"
Runtime: 1 Hour 51 Minutes
Certificate: A
Released: 12-02-2020
2.5 / 5.0



  • Music Director:
  • Editor:
  • Sean Albertson
  • Director:
  • Jeff Wadlow
  • Movie-Actor:
  • Movie-Actress:
  • Lucy Hale
  • Maggie Q
  • Portia Doubleday
  • Costume Designer:
  • Lisa Norcia
  • First Assistant Director:
  • James Moran
  • Second Assistant Director:
  • Marc Newland
  • Co-Producer:
  • Sean Albertson
  • Ryan Turek
  • Robin Mulcahy Fisichella
  • James Moran
  • Director of Photography:
  • Toby Oliver
  • Executive Producer:
  • Couper Samuelson
  • Jeanette Volturno
  • Casting Director:
  • Terri Taylor
  • Sarah Domeier Lindo
  • Still Photographer:
  • Chris Moss
  • Sound Re-recording Mixer:
  • Martin Lopez
  • Jamie Hardt
  • Visual Effects Supervisor:
  • Simon Maddison
  • Unit Production Manager:
  • Robin Mulcahy Fisichella
  • Screenplay Writer:
  • Jillian Jacobs
  • Jeff Wadlow
  • Christopher Roach
  • Script Supervisor:
  • Laura Miles
  • Grip:
  • Seb Graham
  • Frederick Leota
  • Music Editor:
  • Nathaniel Hill
  • Foley Artist:
  • Miguel Barbosa
  • Production Designer:
  • Marc Fisichella
  • Set Decorator:
  • Thomas Salpietro
  • Casting Associate:
  • Ally Conover
  • Makeup Artist:
  • Quinton Wallace
  • Hair Stylist:
  • Sherri B Hamilton
  • Special Effects Technician:
  • Phil McLaren
  • Stunt Coordinator:
  • Alan D Antoni
  • Stunt Performer:
  • Steven A Davis
  • Bronte Coluccio
  • Stunt Double:
  • Monette Moio
  • Nick Pulos
  • Digital Compositor:
  • Jerry Seguin
  • Compositor:
  • Darren Coombes
  • Visual Effects Artist:
  • Kara Lindquist
  • Set Dresser:
  • Frank Forte
  • Aaron Robert Hall
  • Sound Mixer:
  • Diego S Staub
  • Boom Operator:
  • Sam Spicer
  • Supporting Actor:
  • Steven A Davis
  • Mark Weinhandl
  • Michael Pena
  • Michael Rooker
  • Nick Slater
  • Parisa Fitz Henley
  • Portia Doubleday
  • Renee Murden
  • Robbie Jones
  • Ryan Hansen
  • Kim Coates
  • Joshua Diaz
  • Lucy Hale
  • Maggie Q
  • Austin Stowell
  • Charlotte McKinney
  • Evan Evagora
  • Goran D Kleut
  • Ian Roberts
  • Jeriya Benn
  • Jimmy O Yang
  • Tim Wong
  • Key Grip:
  • Corey Moana

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Gwen, Melanie, Sonja, Patrick, Bradley and Brax are on a trip to a mysterious resort in Hawaii. Roarke is the manager of the resort. The resort promises its visitors to get an exciting experience. The posh resort is filled with some suspicious mystery. What happened to the inmates? Watch the film to know the rest.

Star Performance

Ryan Hansen and Jimmy O Yang had done a decent job. Maggie Q, Michael Pena, Portia Doubleday and Austin Stowell impressed the audience with their natural performances. Lucy Hale is good with her expressions.


The script is not weak and at the same time, it is not unique and impressive. The director didn’t move the proceedings smoothly and left the audience in confusion. There are a lot of logical loopholes. The BGM is not sound and didn’t gel with the script.

What’s There?

  • The performances of the stars are okay
  • Script is okayish

What’s Not There?

  • Some logical loopholes irk the audience
  • The music should have been better


Although there are some interesting elements in the film, the logical loopholes, put it in trouble.