ldquo Don rsquo t Breathe rdquo is the latest eminent horror cum thriller Hollywood movie that hit the theatres on 02 September 2016 Fede Alvarez has directe

Dont Breathe Movie Review

Don't Breathe Movie Teview English Movie Review
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Review for the film " Don't Breathe"
Runtime: 1 Hour 28 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 23-09-2016
Genre: Horror, Thriller
3.5 / 5.0



“Don’t Breathe” is the latest eminent horror cum thriller Hollywood movie that hit the theatres on 02 September 2016. Fede Alvarez has directed the movie. The movie has Jane Levy, Stephen Lang and Daniel Zovatto as the lead cast. Ghost House Pictures is the Production house of the film.


The plot revolves around a beautiful teenage girl named Rocky (Jane Levy) who is living with her parents and a younger sister. The parents do not treat them well and are very neglectful and careless towards them that made their lives miserable. Hence, she promises her younger sister that they will escape from these circumstances and start their new lives. From here her planning begins. Since they do not have much money, they are in frantic need of the same. To get some cash, Rocky makes a plan with her boyfriend Money (Daniel Zovatto) to break into the house of a wealthy blind man ( Stephen Lang). They decide to take this risk, and they get into his house in the middle of a night with a friend Alex ( Dylan Minnette). After getting into this house, all three of them untangle a treasure, and they come to know that this blind man is not that feeble, and things seem quite strange there. They face a lot of struggle and try their best to come out safely as they find themselves trapped inside this house. How they ultimately move out?


Fede Alvarez, who also directed the horror movie “ Evil Dead”, is well-known for his marvellous use of horror and tense elements in his films. In “Don’t Breathe” as well he has added tremendous effects and elements that actually justify the word “Horror”. The movie has thrill, horror, suspense and mystery which will be spine-chilling for the audience. To know the secret of this blind man, and what happens when they are stuck in these circumstances watch this forthcoming film, and discover the mystery.

Star Performances:

All the characters played a significant role in the movie and had a enormous impact on the minds of the viewers with their hard expressions that created tension in the minds of the audience. The role of the blind man which is played by Stephen Lang is adding more suspense in the movie as Lang’s deeply wrinkled face, and his tough grey eyes are sufficient to chill down the spine of the three robbers. Fred, who also co-wrote the film, felt that talk is completely needless in a movie of this type and Stephen hardly speaks in the movie which is adding more and more tension and mystery in the minds of the audience.

What’s There?

1) Great storyline

2) Remarkable use of horror elements.

3) A lot of suspense and mystery.

What’s Not There?

1) Better use of new sound effects.

2) New visual effects


Don’t Breathe is a complete blend of horror and thrill that will surely give Goose bumps to the audience. This movie might make you feel like you’ve already watched such movies many a time before, but still; it will develop a high level of curiosity inside you and will surely win the hearts of all its fans that makes it a must-watch movie.