Akshay Kumar Gets National Award!

Friday, April 7th, 2017

Akshay Kumar Gets National Award!

There is no doubt that is one of the best entertainers that the film industry has produced. He has a style that is inimitable and he has come a long way in his career. And winning the coveted National award for 2017 the talented star has gone a step ahead in his career. The latest film to be a blockbuster for this great actor is Jolly LLB.

Being a commercially successful hero for more than two decades this is indeed a feather in his illustrious cap. Rustom is a courtroom drama and is based on the Nanavati case. This is the first ever prominent award won by the actor who however has a splendid record of box office hits.

Akshay Kumar, though having a huge fan base, has not won a great deal of awards. And with the National Award for Best Actor coming as a great relief to his fans, one can only say that the talented star is recognized to a great extent by the award jury.

There may be mindless humour or mass-pleasing action sequences in his film but Akshay Kumar has also managed to showcase himself as a good actor. Also being a superstar himself he didn’t mind to play the villain in southern superstar Rajinikanth’s film 2.0. And there is his patriotic spirit to talk about; he has donated a great sum of money to martyred armed forces who died in the border fights. He is also active on social media and vents out his feelings on woman safety.

As a final word, cinema should be a platform for bearing a torch to the society. The film actor s can also be torch-bearers and they can showcase it through a platform called cinema. Akshay Kumar is one actor who is famous throughout the country. One hopes he continues to choose meaningful roles in the future too.