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Urdu Producer Iqbal Ansari

On November 1, 1950, Iqbal Ansari was born in Sahiwal, Pakistan, after his family relocated from Saharanpur, India, after partition. He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Punjab University. When he joined Pakistan Television (PTV) in 1973 as an associate producer, he received additional training at the Pakistan Television Training Institute in Chaklala. His debut television series, "Aadhay Chehray," was broadcast on PTV Islamabad. In the 1980s, PTV sent him to the Television Instruction Institute in Berlin for further training. He married famous actress Bushra Ansari Bushra Ansari is the daughter of noted Pakistani w >> Read More... in 1978. He worked as the Head of Dramatic Production at a private television network from 2002 until 2014, helping to expand Pakistan's drama industry.

After taking early retirement from PTV, Iqbal Ansari began his career in the private sector as Head of Programs for Indus Television Network, which was at the forefront of commercial television in 2002. He organized programming and created new content for the channel's entertainment segment during his time there, including the drama serial Mera Naam Hai Mohabbat and a Manto Week of plays. It was one of the first occasions on Pakistani television that a television drama festival was organized. Seven plays based on stories by controversial Urdu writer Saadat Hasan Manto Sadat Hasan Manto was a Pakistani Novelist, playwr >> Read More... are presented during the Manto week. Sarmad Khoosat   Sarmad Khoosat was born on May 7, 1979,in Pakis >> Read More... and Ayub Khawar Ayub Khawar is a famous Pakistani poet, writer, an >> Read More... were among the festival's producers. He also directed his most recent production, Bushra Ansari's series Raj Hansen.

As Head of Programs, Ansari also created game shows, chat shows, and many forms of content. He decided to leave channel management and concentrate on generating notable theatre productions. He was promoted to Consultant/Director, Special Projects at GEO Television, where he worked for GEO Entertainment, the company's entertainment channel. He produced some of the highest-rated serials and soaps during his stint, including Meri Adhoori Mohabbat, Nanhi, Dil Hai Chhota Sa, Bol Meri Macchlee, Tum ho kay Chup, and others. At the Lux Style Awards 2010, Bol Meri Machhlee, directed by Haseeb Hasan, won the Best Serial award. His production Nanhi, also directed by Haseeb Hasan, was nominated for Best Serial of the Year, Best Writer of the Year, and Best Actress.

In 2013, he joined Express TV Network as a programming consultant for their channel Express Entertainment. His responsibilities included developing unique programs. He created the drama serials Rangbaaz and Gar Maan Rehjae's production.


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