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Urdu Art Director Safwat Saleem
Written By - Team Nettv4u

Born on 25th May 1980, in the United States, Safwat Saleem is a famous Graphic Designer and Filmmaker. He is an Art Director who uses satire to create socio-political stories in a light-hearted manner that makes the audience talk (and laugh!) about the matters. Saleem uses multimedia sources, such as writing, illustration, animation, sculpture, and film, for his creations. He is also the Creative Director at Arizona State University and a 2013 TED Fellow.

Before heading to the graphics world, Saleem was involved in the Music industry. He founded Bandbaja, a Pakistani music magazine that used modern music to show social, political, and cultural issues. Saleem also did voice-overs in videos where he gave audio to silly characters such as a bear, sheep, greeting card, a whale, and so on. His artworks are featured prominently across the U.S. He is renowned on platforms like TED, Wired, BoingBoing, and Brainpickings.

Saleem's popularity rose after his TED talk, titled "Why I keep speaking up, even when people mock my accent," where the theme of diversity and having different speaking styles is shown. After this exciting stage talk, Saleem was invited to be a TED Senior Fellow. Being a shy kid while growing up, facing and accepting different types of accents after moving to a new place, Saleem's talk inspires on a broad level. Accepting ourselves confidently just the way we are.

Some of his thought-provoking, beautiful works are, to name a few, Rough Translations (2023). This work reflects how language is a medium to express an achievement, as well as a loss. Oral History of us (2022) has recorded poetic and funny retellings of Pakistani culture and society.


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