Bushra Ansari Hindi Actress
Bushra Ansari is the daughter of noted Pakistani writer and journalist Ahmad Bashir. She was born in Karachi on February 16, 1954. She did her schooling in Lady Griffin's School at Lahore  and from her early childhood started performing in movies and theatres as a child artist. She completed her intermediate from lahore College of Women University and has a B.A degree from Rawalpindi's Viqar-un-Nisa College for Women.

In 1978, she got married Iqbal Ansari who encouraged her to take up her childhood career of acting and after marriage, she pursued her career in acting with great success. Bushra also tried her hand at writing scripts for films and TV serials and there also she was a great success with Neeli Dhoop, Makaan and Kuchh Dil Ne kaha. Her serial Dil Hai Chhota sa, which she did under supervision of her husband Iqbal Ansari in 2010 for Geo TV is considered to be highest rated TV serial in Pakistan till now. 

Bushra is a very popular and versatile actress and she is equally comfortable in any type of role whether it is a comedy or a serious role. She is also a great singer and and a dynamic compere. She has won numerous awards for her performances. She received Pride of Performance Award in 1989, a Presidential Award from Parvez Musharaf and a Women's Achievement Award fro Benazir Bhutto Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Benazir Bhutto . She has two daughters who are also accomplished professionals.