Hina Khawaja Bayat

Other names of Hina Khawaja Bayat: Hina Khwaja,Hina Bayat
Hina Khawaja Bayat Hindi Actress

Hina Khawaja Bayat is a renowned Pakistani TV actor who has been in the industry for over two decades. She was successful in bringing back a whole new wave of Pakistani dramas into the drawing room for the viewers to sit and watch. Her roles essayed the most beautiful and charming characters that people even stopped watching Indian TV series that was a part of Pakistan cable network.

She hails from Kashmir, and her beauty has a unique significance to both the countries India and Pakistan. The reason for some TV soap operas getting popular in India was due to short durations that it was wrapped in 26 episodes and did not run like 1000 something episodes in India. This actress hence bets that many TV serials from Pakistan were becoming popular in India. She has been seen in many Pakistan TV serials such as ‘Baatain Mulaqaatain’, ‘Uljhan Suljhan’ ‘Geo Hina Kay Saath', etc. But she shot to fame with her strong character in dramas like ‘Humsafar’, ‘Talkhiyan’, ‘ Aunn Zara Aunn Zara is a Pakistani-Drama serial that was sta >> Read More... Aunn Zara ’ and ‘’ which clicked well with Indian viewers too.

This actress finds TV series made in Pakistan TV channel, by and large, have strong characters that are real and have many twists and turns in controlling the sentiments of the viewers. It is more dramatic than being even a melodramatic. When Indian TV industry was at a nascent stage, few TV series from Pakistan was showcased in India. Of late, there has been a more diplomatic approach, and it has given a bad setback to viewers.

She was the most stylish and decent dressed personality of Pakistani TV channel. She was also a host for many talk shows that were screened in Pakistan TV channels. She was proud that even Amitabh Bachchan had been supportive in vocal to focus his appreciation on the kind of TV serials that are being made nowadays in Pakistan.

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Hina Khwaja Bayat is a distinguished Pakistani Anchor turned Actress, who has mammoth contributions in Pak media and television industry where she spent her last 20years. Hina’s ancestors were originally from Kashmir, but she was born in Karachi and went to the Convent of Jesus and Mary for her schooling, after which she attended the St. Joseph’s College in Karachi and completed her graduation in Liberal Arts. Hina went on pursuing Product designing at Pakistan Design Institute. In her early days, Hina Bayat was an Anchor and Producer but later due to the persuasion of her colleague Sultana Siddiqui Sultana Siddiqui is a Pakistani television directo >> Read More... Sultana Siddiqui , she tried a small role in the show “Jhumka Jaan” which was greatly welcomed and with which all her uncertainties have been wiped away. For the love of Noorul Huda Shah Noorul Huda Shah is a Pakistani actor, writer, poe >> Read More... Noorul Huda Shah , she later played a role in “ Ishq Gumshuda Ishq Gumsudah is an Urdu language Pakistani serial >> Read More... Ishq Gumshuda ” written by her. This show gained a lot of audience on Hum TV and also telecasted on Zee Zindagi.

Since her confidence as an actress started increasing and as she was offered various challenging roles in Tum Ho Keh Chup, Talkhiyan, Aunn Zara and Gar Maan Reh Jaaye, Hina decided to retire from Television hosting and dedicated her complete time into TV dramas. Hina Bayat’s favorites include Indian movies like Bombay, Dil Se, Cocktail, and Dostana. She is currently working on a Law drama serial costarring Angeline Malik Angeline Malik is a well known Pakistani film dire >> Read More... Angeline Malik and others, her movie “ Manto Click to look into! >> Read More... Manto ” is yet to be released. Hina also dreams about directing her TV serial and is in trials of script writing. She credits her success to her husband and her mother who have always supported her in her tiresome career. Being the first woman from her family to appear on mainstream media, her deceased father was worried about people talking bad about his daughter for which Hina promised always to withhold her dignity and says even today, after 20 years of his death, she looks forward to keeping up her promise. Hina Bayat is a Patriot and a strong woman who believes in peaceful coexistence and cultural exchange between India and Pakistan.

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Hina Khawaja Bayat was an industrial designer by profession before her acting career started. She is famous for her roles in Aunn Zaara, Uraan, Humsafar, Zindagi Gulzar Hai and Shehr-e-Zaat. Hina is one of the beautifully dressed actresses of Pakistan which is evident in Zindagi Gulzar Hai; Hina wore matching Sarees and in Humsafar, she wore her elegant kurtas. She is one of the finest actresses in the industry.

Hina hails from Kashmir but lives in Karachi. She is a human rights promoter and wants to make youth and women understand the ability to fight for their rights. “My dream project is to change the mindset of people and make them aware of the betterment that they deserve,” she quotes. Hina is a trusted ally and a mentor for those who seek redemption and concordance in their life.

Hina made her debut from the talk show “Andaaz Apna Apna” on PTV World, and her next show was “Baatein Mulakaatein”. But she shot to fame with the talk show “Geo Hina Ke Saath” and “Uljhan Suljhan”, where she dealt with people’s problems and issues at the personal level on live calls. Hina also co-hosted the show Morning with Hum along with Atiqa Odho Atiqa Odho is a famous and talented Pakistani Tele >> Read More... Atiqa Odho , her Humsafar co-star. Most of her dramas are on GEO TV, and she has appeared on HUM TV also.

She is married to Roger Dawood Bayat and has completed 19 years of marriage with him. Dawood is a business personality of an International Conglomerate based in Dubai. Hina is a nice and humble person and thrives at making people around her optimistic and happy.