There may be various reasons not to make it obvious, but it is a well known fact that most Pakistani performing artists and those who are associated with show biz secretly nurture a desire to be part of Bollywood and make it big there. With Indian films being available now for almost unrestricted screening in Pakistan, this desire has naturally grown bigger. It was, therefore, quite logical for Adeel Chaudhry, the singer cum actor from Lahore to actively pursue acting and singing career in the Indian film world. Unlike most others, however, Adeel makes no bones about a desire to join Bollywood in a big way. Those who have followed his career may label it as one dream trip from Lahore to Mumbai for Adeel. After all, it has been indeed been a huge step for him to come out from the near mediocrity of a being a dentistry student in the less prominent corners of the sub continent, to the centre stage of a singing and acting career in the city of dreams. 

Chaudhry was in one way lucky to have got a direct entry into the Indian scene – not through movies or singing, but by virtue of his handsome looks, via the route of a commercial ad for Pepsi. Almost side by side he proved his mettle as a singer, when he got signed up by the Indian recording label Tips for his first single, Mere Haniya, which quite remarkably was not originally a commercial production but was just a self-financed private music video. While this established his singing credentials this side of the sub continental divide, it also provided him the opportunity to spread it further through the number Move Your Body Now which was used in the soundtrack for the Bollywood film “ Kismat Konnection Click to look into! >> Read More... Kismat Konnection ”, produced by the same Tips Industry.

While there may be room for speculation whether his singing preceded his acting in Bollywood, there is little doubt that he has been able to get himself accepted in Bollywood, and is not just a one-off performer. In fact, Adeel is all set to make his debut as a lead actor in the under production 2015 Indian movie “ Rhythm Click to look into! >> Read More... Rhythm ”. Not to leave behind his singing, Adeel is also planning to release his second album entitled Raat Ruk Jaa for Indian audiences, coming after the success of his number Kise Awaaz Doon from the 2009 Indian film “Jugaad”. Much would depend on how his latest film “Rhythm” is received, as far as his acting career in Bollywood is concerned, coming as it does close on the heels of the 2014 horror movie “Bhaangarh” – not a terrific success by any count.