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Urdu Tv Serial Khoat

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Khoat is a Pakistani serial that revolves around a hypocritical man named Javed Ayaz, who is willing to do anything for his benefit. Although he is from a lower-middle-class family, his dreams and desires are out of reach. The first few episodes show how Javed deceives different women at different stages of his life to get back what he wants. Eventually, he gets married to Maira, who, in turn, truly loves him; however, his idea behind the marriage is money. Subsequently, another woman, a modern girl from high society, falls in love with Javed without knowing his real character. And like this, Javed plays tricks on each woman he meets for a purpose. However, the tables turn once an intelligent politician, Shafugta encounters Javed at a party. The other half of the serial revolves around Javed getting back whatever he sowed through Shafugta as his wife.

The serial was directed by Amin Iqbal Amin Iqbal is a television director, producer, and >> Read More... and written by Imran Nazir Imran Nazir is a Pakistani scriptwriter born in La >> Read More... . Ibran Khan as Javed Ayaz, deceits a lot of women in achieving his dream to become rich and popular, however, things didn’t go as planned, and he loses the empire that he built in the past few years in one day. Nida Khan Bio coming soon... >> Read More... as Maira, the leading female character who changes Javed into a good man. However, she felt heartbroken after knowing that her husband marries only for the family money. Maria Wasti Maria Wasti, born on 14th August 1971, is a Pakist >> Read More... as Shagufta, a genius politician gets involved in Javed’s life and acts as his wife along with his play, in order to trap him into her play. Zhalay Sarhadi Born on 11th June, 1981, in Karachi, Pakistani act >> Read More... as Sunaina, and other cast members including, Javed Shaikh, Irdous Jamal, Rabia Noureen, Malik Raza Malik Raza is a Pakistani actor whose works have b >> Read More... , Aslam Shaikh and many more.


Soniya Hussain Urdu Model
DOB: 15 July 1991
Soniya Hussain
Atiqa Odho Urdu TV-Actress
DOB: 12 February 1968
Atiqa Odho
Nimra Bucha Urdu TV-Actress
DOB: 21 November 1980
Nimra Bucha
Ainy Jaffri Urdu Model
DOB: 9 June 1981
Ainy Jaffri