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Other names : Begaangi
Begangi  Urdu TV SERIALS on A PLUS
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It's a story that revolves around a family headed by Abdul Rehman. He has two sons, Umar and Zaid. Mariam is the wife of Abdul Rehman and the mother of Umar and Zaid. Abdul Rehman still prefers Zaid over Umar, and this may be because since he is the eldest son, he has more expectations of him but also insults and criticizes him frequently. Stay tuned to see why he's doing this. It stars Nasheen Ahmed, Sharoze, Sabzwari, Hina Khwaja, Bayat, Asif Raza Mir Asif Raza Mir is a producer and actor in the Pakis >> Read More... , Huma Nawab Huma Nawab is a popular Pakistani actress. She was >> Read More... , Zia Ghurchani, Aqdas Wasim, Anum Aqeel Anum Aqeel is a brilliant and beautiful Pakistani >> Read More... , Tabbasum Arif, and Durdana But, produced by A Plus Entertainment.

A Plus Entertainment gives its massive reach and impact. A Plus Entertainment draws its content from the country's rich religious and cultural traditions. A Plus Entertainment continues to offer its audience a diverse mix of programming ranging from dramas, soap operas, and sitcoms to music, health, and morning shows.

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Begangi is a Pakistani family drama serial that premiered on A Plus Entertainment in 2017. Every Wednesday at 8, it was aired. Amin Iqbal is the director, Rahat Jabeen is the writer, and Sarfaraz Ashraf is the producer of this program. The series' cast is Asif Raza Mir, Hina Bayyat Khawaja, Shehroze, Sabzwari, Nauseen Ahmed, Huma Nawab, and Zia.

It would be fascinating to observe the love between siblings and parents on this show, which is centered around family and love. Abdul Rehman is the head of the family, which exists. Umar and Zaid are the names of Abdul's two boys; Mariam is his wife. Abdul always favors his elder son Zaid over Umar because Abdul has some expectations from his elder son. If he prefers Zaid, then also insult and criticize him.


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