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Smitika Acharya

Odia Movie Actress Smitika Acharya
  • Gender : Female
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Smitika Acharya is an Indian film actress, popular amongst the regional audience for her work in movies like Jabilli Kosam Akasamalle Click to look into! >> Read More... (2014), Yerojaithey Chussano (2017), O Cheliya Naa Priya Sakhiya (2015), etc. Mostly known for her supreme involvement in Hindi short films, TV shows, and Bollywood movies, Smitika has frequently been admired by the critics and spectators in the industry. 

Based in South India, Smitika made her first portentous contribution on the silver screen with the Telugu film Jabilli Kosam Akasamallein (2014), directed by Raj Narendra Raj Narendra is an Indian-origin Telugu director. >> Read More... . Since then, Smitika has featured in two more films and several other short films and TV shows. 


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Born: 23 April 1948

Lived For 74 Years

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