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Madhuri Middle Class Marathi TV SERIALS on STAR PRAVAH
Written By - Team Nettv4u

If you like humour and are bored, then there is nothing to worry about joining the part of laughter at Madhuri middle class, a show which will entertain you in all aspects. The show revolves around a family who lives in a building which is called lower parcel. The Thai show family has a name called Raje's family. This family is like a normal family, with a father and mother named Amitabh and Maya. This family has a son as well, whose name is Romesh, who is younger than his brother, Ajinkya. The older son is married to a girl called Madhuri. Madhurin's nickname is Maddy The mother does not like her real name, daughter-in-law, as she thinks it is a middle-class name. So she came up with the name Maddy before they got married. Maddy does some practice in her daily life which seems middle-class to Maya. In Maddy's eyes, it is normal for her, and she takes full joy in it.

Romesh is always leg pulled by Amitabh for being closer to his mother and for his poor poetry writing skills. Amitabh's behaviour is rude, according to Maya and Ramesh. Many funny situations are raised in daily conversations and joking around with each other. This show is more about how rich people come in to communicate with one another and with people like Maddy, whose hobbies are middle class according to them, who are engaged in conversation with them. Being middle class is a joke for them, and they crack jokes about it. This show was released from November 2013 till August 2014. The show was aired on a television channel named Star Parvah and directed by Danish Bhaskar. It comes under the comic genre. If you are looking for a show for entertainment and laughter, then this show is for you. Watch it on Daily Motion.


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