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Tera Chhalaava is a 2022 Hindi crime/thriller web series, aired on Hungama Play. The very title of the thriller show, "Tera Chhalaava," suggests "Your Illusion". The story precisely deals with that, the perception of love, and the lengths to which people have to tendency to go to save their love. The show reveals the extremities of lovers, that know no boundaries between love and possession.

The show consists of 5 mysterious unique short stories, that will give you an adrenaline rush. As we delve into the lives of different couples in each episode, we see how love and death are two interrelated concepts. The first episode revolves around the lives of Anjali (a. psychiatrist), and Sharan (a writer). While Sharan is going through writer's block, he is also having visuals of a hand clawing out from a lake. Anjali, a young girl who has deep feelings of love for Sharan, discovers the real thrilling story of the lake. What was the real truth? How do they cope with Sharan's illusion or the actual haunting? The rest of the episode deals with that.

The second episode, named "Gulaabo," features a sex worker Rehana, who wants to live a life of love and respect. After Siraj, a local mechanic comes into the picture, her whole fate changes. Unfortunately, Death does them apart. The most beautiful part about the show is that it not only presents the dark sides of love and hate relationships but that too, providing us with a good moral message. By placing Rehana (a sex worker) as the protagonist, the series aims to show us the brutalities of prostitution, and how prostitutes are normal people, with normal dreams and aspirations.

In the third episode Gauri, a married housewife, is frustrated with her husband Anurag, who is an aggressive alcoholic. Anurag even commits adultery with Naina, making her wife completely out of her senses. With this plot of love and jealousy, we see the aggressive side of Lovers. Does Gauri take a cruel action after knowing everything? What happens with Anurag? The rest of the episode deals with that.

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Bharat Thakkar
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