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Hindi Tv Serial Baaton Baaton Mein

Baaton Baaton Mein Hindi tv-serials on DD NATIONAL

The show was aired on Sony Mix, which is a huge musical platform in India. This serial is full of nostalgia as RJ Anmol meets the musical stars of Bollywood, and asks them questions about their lives, and the decisions they took. This was the first time RJ Anmol has had a chance to become the face of a show after upgrading from the radio.

The host, RJ Anmol describes it to be a unique show where it is not an interview which is going on but just two people having a chat. He tells that through this show he was able to find out hidden things which the stars had to reveal, and the people were unaware of. The show is unique as the celeb, and the host involves a lot in the show forgetting the presence of a camera which makes this quality as the essence of the show.

There is also a segment of the show named “Anmol’s Pic of the day” where the celebs are showing their long lost, and forgotten pictures which put a smile on their face.