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Aap Ni Rasoi Gujarati TV SHOWS on Zee Gujarati
Written By - Team Nettv4u

Aap Ni Rasoi is a Gujarati TV show. It premiered on 15th November 2003. It has one season with fifteen episodes. The show aired on the Zee Gujarati channel. It comes under the cooking and entertainment genres. Aap Ni Rasoi is a cooking show. It brings the colorful and lavish food palette of Gujarat to its viewers. A charismatic and delightful chef hosts the show. She is a Gujarati and has a great passion for cooking. The main theme of the show is to cook recipes that are simple, hassle-free, and can be cooked at home. The chef aims to teach the audience some mouth-watering and appetizing Gujarati dishes. 

The program begins with the host introducing the dish of the day, and talking about its history. Whether it is a traditional dish or a dish with a modern twist, each kind is featured in this show. The chef breaks down the cooking process step-by-step to be easily understandable. She expresses each step like a child’s play. She also shares her secret ingredients that ensure the kick in each dish and make it special.  She focuses on recipes that are quick, easy, and can be cooked by an amateur. She reveals methods to cook lavish dishes in minutes without compromising on taste. She tries to use the Gujarati ingredients and spices to make all her dishes. Each dish featured on the show is a tribute to the rich culture of Gujarat. The chef guides her audience to believe that they have the skills to recreate her dishes.


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