Urdu Tv Serial Ishqiya

Ishqiya Urdu TV SERIALS on HUM TV

Ishqiya is an Urdu TV serial that aired on the channel ARY Digital in the year 2020. It premiered on the 3rdof August. The serial ended on 10th August 2020. The serial, Ishqiya, is the depiction of a messy love story and revenge. Societal values and parental pressure significantly influence the choices of the main characters. Hamna and Rumi are two sisters who have contrasting personalities. Hamna is subdued and Rumi is more talkative. They respect their father and are very obedient. Hamza and Hamna were college sweethearts and loved each other a lot. However, out of respect for her father, Hamna agreed to marry a family friend’s son.

Hamza was left heartbroken, and his anger knew no bounds. He set out to take revenge on Hamna. What followed next was a tale of bitter revenge fuelled by jealousy and anger. Hamza marries Rumi and Hamna is shocked. There were other twists in the tale that kept the viewers hooked on the serial. Actor Feroze Khan played the character of Hamza Khalid, Hania Amir portrayed Rumaisa Siddique and Ramsha Khan played the role of Hamna Azeem. Although the serial was entertaining, it drew backlash and the serial was banned from being repeat tele casted.