Urdu Tv Serial Bari Bahu

Bari Bahu Urdu TV SERIALS on Geo TV

The story revolves around the eldest daughter-in-law, Mona, in a family. Women can bring light, even in the darkest days. They can solve any puzzle arising within a family and create a peaceful environment for the members of that family. Mona seems to be a loving, kind, and considerate person. Similar to her personality, her husband has a pleasing personality and tackles the problems arising in the house. He contributes more to the family.

Naeem, his brother, is pictured as a cunning, corrupt, and unkind person. He takes advantage of the kind nature of his brother. When Mona finds out about this, she tries to solve it in a peaceful manner without disturbing the family set-up. But Naeem joins hands with Asif, who has married their sister. How she breaks their devious plans and brings peace to the family becomes the storyline here.