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Naatika Telugu TV SHOWS on ETV News

"NAATIKA" in Hindi means "Natak" and in English, it means "PLAY." NATAK has been one of the most influential ways to convey a social issue to the people. The topic projected can be socially, artistically or politically motivated. The views of the people about various social problems are presented in front of the world through these acts. Naatika is a show featured on ETV News. ETV News is a TV Network comprising programs on the upliftment of the women, news from all around the world, news about the film industry and- youth based shows.Telugu drama is also known as Rangasthalam or Telugu Natakam and is very famous in the states like Andra Pradesh and Telangana.

The history of the Telugu drama roots back to 2 century BC. Theater is a lost form of art in the world now. The small screen shows are gaining the popularity and the adoration for the theater acts have decreased considerably. In such situation, it becomes necessary to remind people of the glorious past of the theater and street plays. Naatika played that role efficiently. It inculcated the love for the undervalued form of art in the hearts of people. The show was a documentary drama and entertainment. Before the commencement of every episode of the show, a prologue about the episode was given by the host.

The prologue gave information about the issue the play raised and how that issue is affecting our society and what measures can be taken to avoid or stop it. The first episode of the first season telecasted on April 19, 2013. The title of the episode was "Sampada". Sampada in English means "Prosperity." It projected the rift between the husband and wife. It extrapolated how the older people are disrespected in the family. They are considered as a responsibility of the younger generation.

The other famous episodes of the show were Ayodhya, Varudu, Repati Satruvu, Yedarilo Koila. The glamorous media work is taking over the field of entertainment, the old form of arts have suffered a lot of setbacks. The pure projection of the acting skills with some real issues raised on the media platform is a rare thing. In such a situation, the show was a boon to all the people who consider acting as an art.