Telugu Tv Show Bhale Jodi

Bhale Jodi Telugu Tv shows on Gemini tv

Radaan TV is a leading Telugu Television channel owned by Radaan Media works India Limited. Radaan was founded in 1999, and since then many shows of different genres are telecaste not only on Radaan TV but other premier Telugu channels as well, including Sun TV, Gemini TV, KTV, Surya, etc. From serials expanding six different languages- Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi, Gujarati, Hindi, to shows including the Mirchi Music Awards, Queen in Concert and a lot more make Radaan one of the most popular media entertainment house of the nation. Bhale Jodi is a show by Radaan Mediaworks(I) Limited telecast on both Radaan Tv as well as on Gemini Tv. It is a fun game show for couples.

The gorgeous Shilpa Chakraborty shines throughout the show through her enthusiastic hosting. Bhale Jodi is a classic Television game show where couples from various parts of South India participate in fun-filled activities and competitions winning prizes worth even 5 Lakhs. The program includes events like "How well do you know your partner?" quiz where another person is already asked a set of questions in secrecy, and later the partner is asked those questions. For every correct answer the couple is awarded Rupees 20,000 and on answering the bonus question correctly gift hampers including electronic devices like Mixer Grinder, Microwave ovens are awarded to the winning couple.

Other exciting games include Spin the Wheel, Carry the Lemon, dancing competition and much more. Game shows like these not only improve bonding and chemistry between the couples, but they also bring the family together. Bhale Jodi teaches trusting your partner in an interesting way by involving them in a fun-filled game show. Simultaneously, the fun trivia questions and the enthralling reality competitions provide immense entertainment to the viewers.