Telugu Tv Show Annadata

Annadata Telugu tv-shows on ETV Telugu

We have seen the different field of the serial on our TV screen. The serial which we used to watch on the television screen were based on the traditional concept. There is no new concept in the show. You might have heard about entertainment show, quiz show, musical show, dance show, reality show, and much more. The ETV Telugu brings the new concept for the television viewers. The Annadata is an educational TV show. We all know that in our economy maximum amount of contribution is of agriculture. Nowadays, as we are growing with the technology, the production of the crops is not growing up to the marks.

It is the time we should change our practice of making the agriculture products. We have to change the methods of adding the fertiliser, and many more things which will help us to grow in more efficient manner. The focus should be on increasing the productivity of the crops. The most land part depends on the rain. But, due to nature of the rain, we cannot rely on this water. So, to help us out our farmer friend and us, the ETV Telugu has taken the good initiative for us. The Annadata is the show will guide you regarding all the process of the farm.

The show was broadcasted on the channel ETV Telugu. You can catch this show from Monday to Saturday at 6:30 AM. There are some tips and tricks; if you implement this on the field, you can get better results. The show will tell you precautions you must take into the consideration while harvesting. There are more tips for you that you can implement for the crops. You can directly catch the interviews of the successful owner of the products. The interview will show you the various techniques that they have implemented for the production of the efficient quality and quantity of the food products.

India is developing the economy. If we become successful in increasing our food products, then it will be helpful for all of us. It will increase not only the participation in G.D.P (growth domestic product) but also satisfy the hunger of the human being. We really hope that this kind of show will help us out. The entire farmer family should watch this regularly. Your question can also be answered on the helpline number. Only, you need to do is, switch on your television and start your development with the ETV.