Telugu Tv Serial Subha Sankalpam

Subha Sankalpam Telugu TV SERIALS on Gemini TV

Subha Sankalpam is a Telugu language TV serial that airs on the channel Gemini TV from Monday to Saturday at 12:30 pm for half an hour. The serial name was later changed to ‘thaali’, which means ‘the nuptial thread’ that is worn by women. The serial was directed by J N Raju. It started telecasting on TV on 2 December 2019. The main characters of the serial are Rama Lakshmi, played by Varshini Arza; Anand, played by Ajay, who was replaced by Tarun Tej; Alekhya, played by Yashvi Kanakala; Chaitanya, played by Sravan. Rama Lakshmi is a young woman who was born and brought up in a village among traditions and customs. She lives in a joint family consisting of her parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins.

She has always aspired to become an IAS officer and has studied hard in order to reach her goal. After coming first in her intermediate studies, her family agrees to send her to the city for higher studies. In college, she meets a woman names Alekhya. Alekhya is jealous of Rama Lakshmi’s intelligence and decides to taunt her. She uses Rama Lakshmi’s inability to speak English as a way to bully her. Anand is Alekhya’s brother. He falls in love with Rama Lakshmi the moment he laid his eyes on her. Without knowing that Alekhya is the one who has been tormenting her, he offers to help her learn English. Unexpectedly, Anand and Rama Lakshmi get married. Anand’s family doesn’t accept her as a member of their family.

They show hostility towards her despite Anand’s repeated attempts to treat her well. Rama Lakshmi’s family tells her to use her kindness and patience to win Anand’s family over. The rest of the serial shows how she does it.