Telugu Tv Serial Pournami

Pournami Telugu Tv serials on Zee telugu
Pournami is an Indian television drama broadcast on Zee Telugu Telecast between 2012 to 2013 on Monday to Friday. Directed by Rajesh Ram Singh/Wasmeem Sabir, Produced by Rajesh Chadha and Saurabh Srivastava. Lead role played by Gulki Joshi as Sugni Aditya Singh/Chulbul, Anuj Sachdeva / Nandish Sandhu as Thakur Aditya Singh, Varun Badola as Thakur Vikram Singh, Jaya Binju as Thakurayin Riwa Vikram Singh and Narayani Shastri as Gulabia. Pournami is originally a Hindi Serial which is dubbed and telecasted in Telugu.

Pournami is a story of a girl Sugni who dreams about getting married and having family, despite the fact that she belongs from the community “Bedaniya” in this community women runs the family by dancing in ceremonies and they become a wife of a person who do the “Sir Dakai” of a girl, the person has to pay the money in Sir Dakai to the girl’s family, The girl do all the ritual as a wife for that person, but he never get a respect of a wife. Sugani’s wife is a famous dancer, but Sugani is against of her profession. Sugani’s life changed completely when she meets with Thakur Vikram Singh, who is against of this ritual. Sugani and Vikram got attracted towards each other, but Gulabiya is against of this relationship as she thinks that Vikram is given a fake hope, and when she asks will he marry to Sugani he agrees. In between Gulbiya found that Vikram is married and kept his wife out of the village, when she told about Vikram’s marriage she doesn’t believe her as Vikram manipulated her. But on the day of marriage Vikram’s wife Riva come to the Vikram’ house. Sugani said sorry to her mother and heartbroken Sugani agrees for her Sir Dakai, but Vikram come and bid the highest amount through Aditya and Aditya and Sugani got married. Vikram still keep eye on Sugani as it is revealed that he told to bid Aditya for him, but later Sugani and Aditya fall in love and after that Vikram tried to apart Sugani and Aditya and both fall in the river. Aditya is dead now Sugani has lost her memory and living in town with a new identity. Vikram spotted Sugani a realise Sugani that who she is after a chain of hurdles they finally meet each other and come back in the village an lived happily.

Pournami is a big hit among audiences and its TRP was also high.