Telugu Tv Serial Iddarammayalatho

Iddaru Ammayilu is a serial about two girls who want to be successful in their lives. Vijayasaradhi has directed the serial. The serial revolves around two sisters named Aparna as the elder sister and Sneha as the younger one. Actress Suhasini has played Aparna and Vishnupriya has played Sneha. Other related characters are Rajyalakshmi, RaviKiran, Bhargavi, RamJagan, and RaghuNath. The show starts with two sisters searching for their mates. In the initial episodes, Sneha wants to celebrate her birthday grandly. NaiduBabu arranges a Fashion competition where he asks Sneha to sing a song. He also celebrates her birthday just like the way she wanted. NaiduBabu falls in love with Sneha.

Aparna dances to the song which Sneha sings and there Arjun falls in love with Aparna. On the other, Sukanya is upset with the in-laws saying that they treat her badly. Meanwhile, a marriage arrangement is set for Aparna about which NaiduBabu comes to know. Later on, Aparna’s marriage proposal gets cancelled, and Sukanya insults her for this. But Arjun still loves Sukanya and therefore their relationship drama keeps on going. Sukanya plays the vamp in all of this. One day Keerthi tells Arjun that NaiduBabu loves Aparna too. Sneha suggests Aparna to ask Arjun for marriage. The day comes when Arjun proposes to Aparna. Sukanya doesn’t like any of this and keeps on insulting Aparna and Arjun. Things get to heat up between Naidu and Sneha. Arjun misunderstands everything and thinks that Aparna loves Naidu and not him. And one day he leaves Aparna which puts Aparna in a state of mental devastation. Arjun comes back and tells Aparna that she is his dream girl. Arjun confesses his love for Aparna in front of the whole family which makes his father slap him.

Everything falls into its place. But Sukanya threatens her mother, and asks her to stop the marriage of Arjun and Aparna or she will take away her life. Sneha comes to the rescue of her sister and tries to play Sukanya. So Sneha and Aparna make a master plan in which Sneha plays dead and scares Sukanya and Tayar as a ghost. The day of engagement comes, and Arjun refuses to marry Aparna stating that they hurt his sister. Aparna tries to save the relationship but nothing works out, and her father gets a heart attack. After this Sukanya tortures Aparna and her family and also tries to sell the land left by Aparna’s father. Meanwhile, Naidu opens a school in the village after the name of Sneha’s and Aparna’s late father, which impresses Sneha. Aparna and her whole family decide to leave the town, but Naidu reaches the station to stop them, but he fails. And the family leaves for Hyderabad. Arjun gets along with a new girl named Indu but the memories of Aparna never leaves Arjun. In Hyderabad, Aparna meets Arya. Arya’s grandmother forces him to marry Aparna which he didn’t like. Aparna goes missing and meanwhile, things heat when Arjun gets engaged to Indu in the presence of Aparna. Aparna goes to warn Sukanya to stay away from her family. Sneha, on the other hand, decides to join an Orchestra to support her family.

Aparna starts working at Arya’s firm but gets fired as she refuses the project of Arjun and Indu’s wedding. Naidu’s father passes away of which he is unaware. Here Naidu finds Aparna and looks for Sneha, but Sneha pretends like she has no interest in him. And here Arjun is unable to forget Aparna and many times in the series gives such indications. As Indu goes missing and Arya suspects Arjun for this. Sneha catches feelings for Gokul and asks him to come home to meet her mother, but his refuses. And Naidu comes to console Sneha. They make plans for the marriage of Arya and Aparna, but both of them are only faking their marriage for a reason. Gokul hates Naidu and insults him every time he could. On the wedding day of Sneha and Gokul, he misses and is unable to trace, which results in Naidu getting married to Sneha. Arjun revolves in the story and tries to create problems for Aparna and Arya. Aparna decides to marry Arya for the sake of her mother but late on Vasundhara agrees for the marriage of Arjun and Aparna. And the show continues with its 483rd episode and more to come.